Episode 18 – QA RA Recruitment situation with Petra Ognjenovic

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Podcast Episode 18 – https://podcast.easymedicaldevice.com/18
Podcast Episode 18 – Medical Device situation with Petra Ognjenovic

Since we have all those transition happening in the European Medical Device regulations, I wanted to understand the situation on the recruitment market. I contacted Petra Ognjenovic from SciPro Global to help us have a better view.

She is leading the lifescience department of the DACH region which are the acronyms of Deutschland (Germany), Austria and Switzerland (Confederation Helvetique).

We will talk mainly about the European Union situation for the Quality and Regulatory affairs people. She really provided great information as I was also no aware of the situation.

About Petra Ognjenovic

Hello, I am Petra Ognjenovic, a Life Sciences recruitment specialist.

I was born in the Netherlands, my parents are both Croatian and I grew up in Munich, Germany.

I studied two Masters Degrees in Human Resources Education & Management and Philosophy, Psychology & Economics; Following my graduation, I was approached by SciPro, a leading recruitment business in the Life Sciences industry, and offered the opportunity to be responsible for the DACH Region within medical devices.

I think that we have a huge responsibility within our industry and I am very happy that I have joined an international recruitment company full of very talented and passionate people, who, through our global network, are able to find the best talent in the market for our customers.

We are fundamentally, a people business and we love to give back to our communities. This year, we have partnered with Designability, a medical devices charity organisation. Designability create innovative medical devices to help people living with disabilities to have a better quality of life. This year, SciPro will be raising money to fund our own ‘Wizzybug’ a mobility device designed for disabled children under 5. For further information please follow this Link: https://www.sciproglobal.com/csr

One thing is for sure, I love my job and I love my industry so I am happy to be here today to share some insights, from the perspective of a recruitment consultant, within the Medical Devices Industry, during the MDR transition period.

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  1. Mahmood

    I have extensive experience in the Medical Device industry in US. I would like to know the chances of finding employment as a consultant working remote.

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