How to master Regulatory Intelligence?

We all need to keep ourselves up to date. But how to access reliable information and how often should a check be done. This is what we will discuss with Ivan Perez Chamorro from MedBoard. You will get some hints on how to optimize your search. 

Regulatory intelligence seems to be a big scary word that people may think it needs a ton of experts to be able to master it. But with digitalization this needs less efforts now. When before you needed to check a lot of journals or visit a lot of country websites, now there are tools that helps you do it quicker. This is mainly the topic of our discussion with Ivan Perez Chamorro from MedBoard.  

Who is Ivan Perez Chamorro? 

Ivan Perez Chamorro is CEO and Founder of MedBoard, a technology company that organises medical technology information and data, makes it fast accessible to manufacturers and key stakeholders, and it is integrated with breakthrough tools as the Vigilance automation. MedBoard is made up of leading engineers, scientist and medical professionals. This big data platform covers from Regulatory, to Clinical, Market and Technical. Ivan has both strong science and business background, he holds a degree and MSc in Physics from Universidad de Salamanca, and an MBA from IE Business School. Ivan is very active in medical device industry, and he is also part of the TOPRA MedTech SPIN. After having a chronic sports injury while playing basketball, and spending many years in rehabilitation, he decided after physics graduation to work in the medical devices industry. Ivan has lived in different countries and likes travelling, painting, and adventure sports, and has special interest in innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. MedBoard is not the first project, and Ivan has have a number of entrepreneurship projects in the past, in the medical and outside of medical devices industry. Before Medboard, Ivan had worked for many years within the industry, as an employee of leading medical companies and as a consultant in the areas of product and business development, regulations, and strategy, from operational roles to advising technical and top management. He has broad experience with different types and classes of medical devices and combination products, supporting a variety of organization models, from start-ups to large corporations.

Who is Monir El Azzouzi? 

Monir El Azzouzi is the founder and CEO of Easy Medical Device a Consulting firm that is supporting Medical Device manufacturers for any Quality and Regulatory affairs activities all over the world. Monir can help you to create your Quality Management System, Technical Documentation or he can also take care of your Clinical Evaluation, Clinical Investigation through his team or partners. Easy Medical Device can also become your Authorized Representative and Independent Importer Service provider for EU, UK and Switzerland. 

Monir has around 16 years of experience within the Medical Device industry working for small businesses and also big corporate companies. He has now supported around 100 clients to remain compliant on the market. His passion to the Medical Device filed pushed him to create educative contents like, blog, podcast, YouTube videos, linkedin Lives where he invites guests who are sharing educative information to his audience. Visit to know more. 


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