Episode 9 – Entrepreneurial journey with Ivan Perez Chamorro

Medical Device made Easy Podcast episode 9 - Ivan Perez Chamorro Medboard
Medical Device made Easy Podcast Episode 9 – Ivan Perez Chamorro
Podcast Episode 9 – Entrepreneurial Journey with Ivan Perez Chamorro

Show Notes

This episode of the Medical Device made Easy Podcast is special as this is the first one I am doing with a guest.

I have interviewed Ivan Perez Chamorro on his journey as entrepreneur on the Medical Device business.


Ivan Perez Chamorro is CEO and Founder of MedBoard
(www.medboardco.com) , a technology company that organises medical devices information, make it fast accessible, integrated, and useful, and create the tools that companies and professional need. This medical devices’ information includes primarily, regulatory affairs and technical information.

Ivan has both science and business background, he holds a degree and MSc in Physics from Universidad de Salamanca, and an MBA from IE Business School.  Ivan is very active in medical device industry, and he is part of the MedTech SPIN Steering Committee of TOPRA (The Organization of Professionals in Regulatory Affairs).

After having a chronic sports injury while playing basketball, and spending many years in rehabilitation, he decided after physics graduation to work in the medical devices industry. Ivan has lived in different countries and likes travelling, painting, and adventure sports, and has special interest in innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. MedBoard is not the first project, and Ivan has have a number of entrepreneurship projects in the past, in the medical and outside of medical devices industry.

Before Medboard, Ivan had worked for many years as a consultant for medical companies in the areas of product and business development, regulations, and strategy, from operational roles to advising executives. He has broad experience with different types and classes of medical devices and combination products, supporting a variety of organization models, from start-ups to large corporations. 

Ivan Perez Chamorro – CEO and Founder Medboard

Coupon Code

Ivan told me that he wanted to make an offer to you. Anyone of you that is subscribing to Medboard for 1 year will receive 1 month free with the Coupon Code EASYMEDICAL.

So don’t hesitate to use it or to share that with your colleagues if they need the support of this solution.

Anyway, you still have the possibility to make a free trial at the beginning to test it. So go to www.medboardco.com


Ivan-Perez Chamorro LINKEDIN:

Medboard website: www.medboardco.com

Medboard LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/medboardco/


Link of the Video: https://youtu.be/8VlYimKsrjI

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